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VULCAN - PVC Seamless Mist Eliminators

We feel proud to introduce ‘VUCALN’ PVC SEAMLESS MIST ELIMINATORS for first time ever in Indian Market.It is best product for Textile Humidification Plant, Ventilation System, Air Washer Systems, AHU units, Scrubbers, Cooling Tower and all Textile Spinning and Weaving Mills.It improves efficiency of Humidification Plant& Air Washer Systems. High gloss finish and higher strength gives easy air flow with higher output saving energy cost. It highly recommended for Air Washer Systems, Spinning Mills and Weaving Mills. ‘VULCAN’ PVC SEAMLESS MIST ELIMINATORS are manufactured from virgin PVC and can withstand higher temperature upto60° C.It has very low pressure drop due to which its operating cost is also lower. Below is comparison chart of ‘VULCAN’ PVC SEAMLESS MIST ELIMINATORS with normal eliminators.

VULCAN - PVC Seamless Eliminators
Local Eliminators
Smooth Surface Rough Surface
Higher Strength Lower to Normal Strength
Highly Gloss Finish for Smooth Flow of Air Dull Finish Interupt Air Flow
Longer Life compare to Local Eliminators Shorter Life And Britle
Nominal Formation of Scale on Eliminators Huge Formation of Scale in Short Period of Time
Accurate Dimensions and Shape of Eliminators Uneven Dimensions & Shape of Eliminators
Higher Air Flow Output - Wide Velocity Range upto 6 m/s Lower Air Flow Output - Low Velocity Range
Save Energy Cost Due to Long Life and Low Pressure Drop Higher Energy Cost Due to Short Life and Higher Pressure Dorp

W – Type

Width - 170 mm
Recommanded Pitch - 30 mm

C – Type

Width - 170 mm
Recommanded Pitch - 25 mm

W – 6 Pass

Width - 255 mm
Recommanded Pitch - 30 mm

A – 41

Width - 214 mm
Recommanded Pitch - 25 mm

M – Type

Width - 220 mm
Recommanded Pitch - 30 mm

A – 43

Width - 270 mm
Recommanded Pitch - 25 mm

A – 50

Width - 280 mm
Recommanded Pitch - 25 mm