PVC Compounds, PVC Pipes, PVC Profiles
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PVC Compound.

Aditya Plastics manufactures soft and rigid PVC compound as per the required standards.

Soft PVC compound is highly used in electrical applications. Rigid PVC compound is used in profiles.

The compounds are manufactured by mixing virgin PVC with different chemicals of reputed brands which satisfy the end use property. Systemic mixing of all ingredients is extruded in twin screw extruder. This homogeneous mixing is extruded in the twin screw extruder, this increases the strength of the material.

The company manufactures pipes from 9mm to 200 mm diameter in PVC material.

It also manufactures pipes from ABS, HIPS and other engineering plastic materials.

Proper mixing of PVC compound and standard chemicals is done to manufacture RPVC pipes to obtain best tensile strength.

The company manufactures customized pipes.
PVC Profiles
Aditya Plastics is a pioneer in manufacturing PVC profile with technical know- how, machinery and down stream equipments. It manufactures different types of PVC profiles as per customer requirement.

The company takes into consideration the end use of its products and manufactures profiles using best composition of PVC. High temperature, humidity, direct sunlight, softness, strength, flexibility, etc. are also taken into consideration before manufacturing any profiles.

It has different range of single screw extruders like 30 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm and 65 mm twin screw for any PVC application. The company has all facility for manufacturing dies for profiles and has suitable down stream equipments.

The company has manufacturing facility to produce Co-extrusion profiles with different colours. It also manufactures profiles from different engineering plastics material like ABS, HIPS, synthetic wood PS, Foam PVC etc.
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