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PVC Sections & Profiles


Aditya Plastics is a pioneer in manufacturing PVC profile with complete technical know- how, latest machinery and required down stream equipments. We has different range of Extruders from size like 30 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm in Single and Twin Screw. We also manufacture small PVC Extrusion Dies for Profiles. We manufactures different types of PVC Profiles as per customer requirement. Company takes into consideration the end use of product and manufactures profiles using best composition of PVC. Factors like High temperature, Humidity, Direct Sunlight, Softness, Strength, Flexibility, etc. are also taken into consideration before manufacturing PVC Profiles. The company has manufacturing facility to produce Co-extrusion profiles with different colours. Generally Rigid and Soft PVC Combination is used in Profiles. It also manufactures profiles from different engineering plastics material like ABS, HIPS, etc.