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Plastic Air Diffuser & Grills

One Piece Plastic Air Diffuser.

Introducing for the first time, Aditya One Piece Plastic Air Diffuser - Fit it Forget it product for HVAC Industries. Our One Piece Plastic Air Diffuser replaces Aluminum and Metal Diffuser in all Industries. It is available in 4 - Way Flow Pattern. One Piece Plastic Air Diffuser are highly cost effective compare to metal diffusers. They are manufacture from one piece mould with appropriate thickness for higher strength. One Piece Plastic Diffusers are available in Step Down and Flash Type with removable core. It is easy to attached VCD in Flash Type Removable Core Diffuser. Step Down Diffuser are fastest product replacing metal diffuser in Textile Spinning and Weaving Mills.

Plastic Grills.

Plastic Linear Grills are manufactured from high grade PVC Material which can withstand wide range of operating conditions. Sizes of grills are available as per requirement of customers. At present we provide 0 & 15 degree deflection. Plastic grills are lighter compare to metal grills. It does not get bend or break from corner like metal grills. It is highly recommended for HVAC Industries in Central AC Plants in Malls, Shopping Center, Offices, Hospitals, Theatre, Halls, etc. Plastic Grills are easy to handle and transport.

Dimensions Chart Of One Piece Plastic Air Diffuser

9" X 9" 160 230 290
12" X 12" 235 305 365
15" X 15" 310 380 445
18" X 18" 385 460 520
21" X 21" 465 535 595
24" X 24" 540 610 670

Advantages of One Piece Plastic Air Diffuser.

  • Manufacture from One Piece Plastic Mould
  • Made from Higher Grade Engineering Plastic ABS Material
  • No Welding – No Joint – No Corner Gap – No Bending
  • No Rusting – No Corrosion
  • Light Weight Compare to Aluminum and SS Diffuser
  • Easy to Cary and Install. No Load on Duct
  • Long Life – Suitable for any Atmospheric Conditions
  • Available in Step Down and Flash Type
  • Flash Type Available with Removable Core
  • VCD can be attached easily
  • Easy to Clean and Wash
  • Highly Smooth and Glossy Surface for Smooth Air Flow
  • Low Noise Level Compare to Metal Diffuser
  • Available With Fire Retardant Property as per UL 94
  • Available in 4 Way Air Pattern
  • Lower Cost compare to Aluminum and SS Diffuser